Just Breathe

Just breathe. Two words which seem to define our daily lives .  We often forget the breath in a busy world of London.  IMG_4517.JPG

Sitting in an old factory for the Just Breathe event was a humbling experience. We meditated for 20 minutes. At first ,I was a bit unsure whether mediation would work for me . Sitting back to back with a complete stranger is nerve wrecking.  We had beautiful music to listen to which aided our meditation.  Their voices echoed the room allowing people to fall into a deep meditative state.

Michael (http://www.michaeljameswong.com/about/) guided us through the practice . Step by step I learnt . It was like my  yoga practice . Everything I was taught about in yoga, I slowly tuned it into my breath . Slowly with the mantra ” just breathe “I started sinking into a state of meditation. I got the hang of controlling my breath and accepting it . It was one of those events which you leaves you with millions of thoughts racing through your head. Why haven’t I done this before ? How can I do it next time? It’s important to realise that our breathe carries us through life and our yoga practice . Meditation can lead to stability and grounding into our daily life. As a teenager, I often forget to take time for myself . Mediation can aid so many people . Determination will get you far in your meditation practice and in life .

I wanted to take an adventure with my own breathe and see where it took me . For that to happen I needed to set out on a path . I wasn’t really ready to take a journey and I was scared of where it was going to lead me . Going to a community breathing event allowed me to confide into my breath. To relax despite all odds . To find a sense of mediation where for a few minutes I’m disconnected from the world .  Check out this event: http://www.justbreathelondon.com/. If you want to try medidation a good app is Headspace or Calm.

Rebecca xx

Rush hour yoga 

King’s cross station

September , the dreaded month of starting school and the end to the summer ritual of going to yoga events . I started September with one final summer yoga event in King’s Cross .  We were on the second floor of the platform where the trains depart . There were restaurants all around us and it was hard not to get distracted . I think everyone at the start of a yoga class starts to wander into their own train of thought . I for example was thinking of whether I was doing the pose correctly as a photographer was going around . Slowly as the class went on those thoughts disappeared and I could concentrate on my practice . It wasn’t until shivasana where I finally fell into a deep yogi sleep.Shivasana was filled with trains coming and people rushing around to get somewhere else . The yoga teacher Kate:http://www.misskatelister.com/yoga/  is such an amazing teacher . She is the type of teacher that will make sure you are aligned perfectly . She adds loads of fun twists such as hopping from straddle into tree . It’s a lot of fun especially if you fall over . A lot of people are scared of falling over and incorporate that into their practice . Little children learn how to crawl and always fall over but get back up . Learning from our childhood instincts we can realise  that it’s okay to fall . Falling means you tried . I’ve fallen too many times to count and broken bones but in a way that helped me discover the yoga practice . In your next class get to a point where you are holding a balance that it could mean that you fall over.If you fall just laugh about it and get back up 🙂

Rebecca X

Kate and I wheeling around
Back to wheel variations

Where have I been?

Yoga in St Pancras Station

It’s been a year since I last posted as I’ve been studying for my A levels. I’ve spent so much time traveling and venturing into different yoga classes.  I think it’s important to try new classes. You might be loving this one teacher and only go to that class. I use to do that and then I realized it’s better to see new teachers . Every teacher has a different approach to yoga even if it is still a vinyasa flow and then last year I realized what I actually want from my yoga practice. A year ago yoga meant exercise to me and I couldn’t connect fully with it . What does it mean to me now? It means empowerment when you feel like falling over in a tough pose.  It’s a place of grounding when you’ve been through a journey of emotions and just need somewhere to feel safe.  For me, yoga is a place where I forget everything around me and just focus on myself for an hour. Everyone has a different definition. It’s good to find what’s good for you and your body and not the person next to you.  So next time in your class remember your mantra and allow yourself to destress from the chaotic life.

Rebecca x

Y Yoga

I’ve finally ventured out of my comfort zone this summer as I went half way across the world to Vancouver .  I hiked, ate amazing food and did yoga all day long .

I will promise to get to the yoga part but first Iviva. Iviva is a children’s version of Lululemon. It has been my goal for two years to bring Iviva because I know that a lot of children will like it . I was quite disappointed when I could no longer fit in their clothes. I  hope before I am 18 that Iviva will finally come to London or at least we could have a pop-up store.

The most fascinating thing about Vancouver was the yoga . I went to two studios; stretch and y yoga. I only went to Stretch which was in China town once to visit a friend Mel who taught there.  This studio was a huge contrast with y yoga. I have never seen a studio like y yoga.  I was very confused why a power flow was considered to be a flow in 30 degrees.  Aswell as yoga the studio also had cycling , a sauna and a Trx class.  I decided to try my first spin class in Y yoga .  I honestly did not get the point of a spin class as I got bored easily. I found it very tiring because straight after we went to a power flow and my legs were burning .   The intermediate yoga in Vancouver is extremely advanced . There was one class where people were free styling from chair pose back into wheel. I got very confused with everyone not listening to the actual instructor . Sometimes venturing out  is a good thing as we get amazing opportunities along the way .



Rebecca x

Green yoga

Hi everyone,

At the beginning of August I went to an event with Triyoga. There were so many friendly people as I arrived including Celest who taught the class.

Celest has one of the most inspiring teaching styles and I admire her so much for it.   The classes are not the easiest classes. I sometimes sneakily grab my water bottle when she tells us to do a hard pose. I guess I’ll never learn by ignoring the hard poses .  Many of my yoga teachers laugh at how elegant I’m in between poses. To be fair it’s incredible how much Celest taught me in the last two years. I could not be happier that I met her in the Lululemon showroom. If you want more information on Celest here is her website: http://www.cityogi.com. I would highly recommend you to try her class even if your a beginner as you will learn very quickly.

One of the things I love about Celest’s class is how she tries to make us more of a community. She always includes partner work which is always interesting because it usually consists of me dropping my dad. You can see how it’s more a trust issue rather than strength.

To everyone starting yoga never stop trying a pose. I don’t know how long it’s taken me to hold simple poses. If you can’t do one pose keep trying and never give up . I know for sure that there is so much joy at the end after all the practicing when you can finally do a pose. So never give up trying even if it means falling a million times.  If you fall get up and fall again until finally you can do the pose . It might take a while but you have to remember the people who go straight up into headstand weren’t  born to do that ;they also practiced for a long time. Never put yourself down because you can see someone do a pose you can’t do . Its your practice not anyone else’s.

Thank you so much Celest!! Thank you to triyoga for this event.



Rebecca x

Happy Hour

What is the true definition of happiness ? Is it money , success or relaxing by the pool? I believe everyone has their own definition of what they find brings them happiness. My idea of happiness is being part of a  community. Yesterday Lululemon held an event called “Happiness in the Yard” ! The event was in Conway Hall with Marcus Veda and the Wild Food Café. The rocket class which Marcus taught was fast but it was a challenge which I found exciting. I have to admit  rocket yoga is a bit too fast for me as I prefer staying in the poses for a longer amount of time. Marcus would constantly remind us to keep smiling while in harder  poses. I attempted to do a headstand and fell straight forward  . It is more fulfilling to fall in yoga rather than to sit and not try the pose. It was such a joy sitting next to Marc, Kate , Markéta and Chloe while watching the documentary  called “Happiness”.  They are all people who I trust and  find so inspiring!  The Wild Food Cafe provided us with popcorn as we all snuggled together to watch this documentary.   This was an amazing event which taught me about feeling happy in the moment I’m in.   Thank you so much to Lululemon , Wild Food Cafe and Marcus! Comment what makes you happy x



Rebecca x

Yoga Connects

At the beginning of summer I went to a yoga festival called Yoga Connects(http://yogaconnects.co.uk) . It was amazing to be there ! Yoga Connects is located near Rugby station which is around an hour away from Euston Station. If you like yoga you will love this festival!  I started the day with a class from boys of yoga . Boys of yoga(http://www.boysofyoga.com) are a group of men trying to empower other men to join yoga.   The class was two hours . It was hardcore as there were loads of plank. It was fun to be amongst so many people from different nationalities . There was a real sense of community during that class.   I had lunch in the stables which was a salad. I went on to do Celest Pereira’s class in the grass. The good thing about doing yoga on the grass is that you have a soft landing to land on .  This is a good thing for someone like me who always falls over. It was a class full of handstands .  I enjoyed every moment of it as Celest continued to inspire us in every pose. She always proves how the impossible is possible . An example of this is when a beginner manages to do handstand for the first time in her class.  It is so inspiring to watch people be able to do things they didn’t imagine they could .   The last yoga I went to was paddle board. This is where you do yoga on a paddle board. It seems really easy but when your on the board it is so hard to keep your balance. I managed to do wheel on the board . It was quite funny though because my dad kept on falling in.  I would just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who organised this festival and to all the yoga teachers!


Rebecca x